Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kankakee Valley Park District offering Ghost Hunting Course

The Kankakee Valley Park District is offering a Ghost Hunting 101 Course starting January 20th at the Bird Park Meeting Room.  More info from the park district's web site:

Piercing the Veil, Ghost Hunting 101
Instructor: Juli Velazquez, President & Founder of I.S.P.I. (International Society of Paranormal Investigators)
Instructor, Juli Velazquez, has been investigating for twelve years and has been featured on WCIA New (ABC Affiliate), The Travel Channel (Ghost Adventures), the SyFy Channel, The Movie The Possessed and SyFy’s latest documentary Children of the Grave II.With the popularity of the paranormal TV shows today, this workshop will introduce you to ghost hunting, how to properly conduct an investigation, EVP and audio, ghost photography, and the history of the haunting. It will give you some insight on how to be a real paranormal investigator and how to debunk paranormal activity. Students will conduct hands-on investigations of an alleged haunted location, and learn how to analyze audio. A certificate of completion will be give to each participant who takes all 5 workshops. *To take part in the 5th workshop it is required that you take the first four!
18 and up
Jan. 20
What is a Ghost? 
Jan. 27
False Positive Pictures 
Feb. 3
EVP – How to Capture Voices
Feb. 10
How to be an Investigator/
History of a Haunting 
Feb. 17
”Hands On”
What can you Capture? 
Fri.7:00 pm-10:00 pm

$10 per workshop
$40 for all 5
Bird Park Meeting Room

For more info, go to the Kankakee Valley Park District Website.